Outreach: Seeking for the lost in Iran

“One saved soul, just one…” That could have been the general feeling of our outreach team when they returned home from their recent trip to Iran. After days of prayer walks and sharing the Gospel in some of the bigger cities in Iran, only one man opened up his heart for Jesus. Only one man? No! The team rejoiced over him, like it is written in Luke 15:10: In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.

Driving from one city to another gives the team a wonderful opportunity to share their testimony with the taxi drivers. The rides can take several hours and sometimes the drivers are really open to hear about Jesus. Some taxi drivers actually gave their lives to Jesus at the end of the ride!

But not so this time. The taxi driver didn’t want to talk about religion. ‘I’m a Muslim and that is good enough for me’, he said. ‘Besides, I don’t want to get into trouble. I’m working hard to provide food for my family and I don’t want to have problems with the government.’ Talking about Jesus isn’t a welcome topic in Iran and we could understand his fear. However, the team believes that every word they shared with him about Jesus and the Gospel will not be lost.

The next morning the team went out for a prayer walk around the city. They prayed for the people living there and blessed them.

‘When people noticed we weren’t Iranians, they were curious. ‘What are you doing in Iran?’ they asked. ‘You are living in a good country, so why did you come here?’ Those questions created a good opportunity to share with them about the love Christ has for them.’

When it was time to move on to another city, the team prayed and waited for God’s directions. One of the taxi drivers had been listening to them while they were sharing about Jesus with others and it looked like he had been waiting for them. He listened attentively and finally received Jesus as his Saviour. He asked the team to meet his family and to share about Jesus with them, too.

‘I think this man, this family, is the reason why the Lord sent us to this city. We are not disappointed because we only saw one soul saved. On the contrary! We rejoice with the angels about this one person that repented from his sin. We know the Lord will continue to work in the life of this man. And one day, we will see how many others came to the Lord because of his testimony!’

Thank you for being with us in one team to take the Gospel to Iran, through your prayers and financial support.


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