Outreach to Indigenous People in Australia: "They desperately need our compassionate intercession"

The history of the Indigenous People in Australia changed with the settlement of Europeans in the late 18th century and the genocide and oppression it brought. Today, the Indigenous People still face grief and the profound loss of dignity, causing severe problems. For example, indigenous men in Australia between the ages of 25 and 29 have the highest suicide rate in the world, and the last decade has seen a 56 per cent rise in hospitalization rates for self-harm.

In May, Graeme and Veronica Hunter, our Indigenous Outreach leaders, took an outreach to central Australia. Due to health issues, Graeme and Veronica Hunter, couldn’t join the team in May, but the leaders reported that the power of God moved mightily, and there were many healings. Those in the team were impacted by the suffering they saw among the Aboriginal people. Pastor James spoke of “drunkenness, drug addiction, awful sickness and disease. They desperately need our compassionate intercession. Please pray fervently and regularly for them.”

Pray also for strength and encouragement for the faithful, tireless workers who have laboured for so long among the Aboriginals, often experiencing great opposition.

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