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Outreach to Iran

Many Christians would be very reluctant to go out and share the Gospel in a closed Islamic country. But God keeps calling new labourers into his harvest. So, recently, a team of 'first time ever' missionaries went to several bigger cities in Iran to share about Jesus Christ. They brought small booklets and SD-cards with them, loaded with a Persian Bible, the Jesus movie and Derek's Farsi Bible teaching. 

"For all of us, it was our first time ever to take part in an outreach trip like this", said one of the team members. "We planned to do a prayer walk in the city while seeking for opportunities to share the Gospel. The people we met on the street were friendly, but the atmosphere was dark. Not just the atmosphere: everywhere we looked we saw only black colours. This definitely influences people. Everyone and everything look like they are mourning."

He went on to say: "When we shared the Gospel, we noticed people were afraid of it. Islam has so influenced the people's mind that they are afraid to hear the truth and about the God of Salvation.
One man told us he had never heard of Jesus. He also said: "In my country, we have a lot of laws and prohibits, but under the surface, everyone is simply doing what he wants." During our conversation, he kept looking around to make sure nobody was watching or listening to him or not."

The team felt convinced they needed to return as often as possible to bring the Gospel to the people of Iran. "Jesus is the Lord of all nationals, and He is Lord of the Persian people! They have to hear about Him. We have to make Him known in Iran!"

Thank you for helping DPM support Christians like this outreach team, to reach the unreached with the Gospel! Please continue supporting them by prayer, or prayerfully consider making a gift for this specific outreach area. 

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