Outreach to refugees and soldiers in Ukraine

August 24, 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s Declaration of Independence. But it's not only been peace in Ukraine since then. Two years ago, in 2014, war broke out with Russia. Since then, DPM has distributed almost 4,000 items of free teaching material to soldiers, refugees and churches in Ukraine. These resources are the heavenly artillery that God will use to re-establish peace and true unity in Ukraine. We thank God for donors who have made this ministry possible. 

Vlad, our outreach worker in Ukraine wrote:
"I just send another set of parcels with books, brochures and prayer's cards to chief military chaplain, who will distribute them. You can see his picture and pray for him. His openess about his cooperation with DPM is really special, because the Russian world is seizing our country to confessing sole Russian Orthodoxy. All other kind of Christianity - including Derek Prince Ministries - is considered as sectarian or western-oriented and seen as hostile.

But God is faithful. Let me tell you a testimony of a fellow chaplain. During the recent war he was preaching among soldiers at the front-line near Donetsk's airport. He had hired a local private taxi to take him to the next place for some more preaching. Although he was very tired after ceaseless bombings and shelling, he began to preach the Gospel to the taxi driver. After a while the driver began weeping and crying out loudly. The chaplain was confused by this reaction. Finally the taxi driver pulled his car to the side, got out of his taxi and bended his knees before the chaplain: "Forgive me, holy men. They paid me to drive you to the separatists. I was hired by them. We are only a few miles away from their ambush... But praise God, He was stopped me from betraying a holy men!" After that they continued their drive, but this time on a different, and safe, road."