Outreach trips to Mongolia and Buryatia (Russia)

DPM Outreach worker German had had a wonderful trip to Mongolia and Buryatia (Russia) in the beginning of this year. The purpose of his trip was to conduct seminars on tent evangelism, and to help local churches spread the teaching of Derek Prince. German wrote: 

"Protestant believers appeared in Mongolia not too long ago. In 1990, missionaries from Canada, USA and Sweden started their activities here, and now in Mongolia there are about 500 Protestant churches. In one Church in Erdenet city, I held a revival-evangelization meeting. The pastor  is Russian as well as many Church members, and the pastor gladly purchased a set of Derek's books. He immediately gave them to some of his parishioners. If God wants it, then the next year in February I plan to visit Mongolia again.

I returned home via Ulan-Ude (Buryatia, Russia), where I also held one seminar and met with pastor Zachariah. He's interested in using Derek's books in his church and for other churches in Birobidzhan and Khabarovsk, where he began his ministry. This summer we will send  humanitarian assistance to Mongolia and Buryatia (Russia), such as tents and clothes, and also books for pastor Zachariah."