Outreach update - Middle East

The current lockdown has led many people to seek for answers online. Our team in Egypt is reaching out with messages of hope from God's Word through Facebook, Youtube and other online platforms. In recent months, new doors have opened. 

  • God opened a door for airing 100 episodes of Derek’s radio programmes in Arabic on six new stations 14 times a day! It’s a dialogue format between hosts, alternating with Derek's teaching and a song. Five of the stations are online so Arabic-speaking people worldwide can be reached. 
  • The Arabic Facebook page has had 110K likes, some with private conversations on messenger to ask questions, many from unbelievers and all from various backgrounds.
  • The recording has been finished for four new books that are now ready for our mobile App and publishing on the Arabic website.
  • The translation is completed of 13 video teachings from The Roman Pilgrimage, and dubbing is in process. When finished, they will be uploaded on our online platforms.

Thanks to supporters like you, our team in the Middle East is able to reach many seekers and Christian with God's message! 

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