Pakistan: New open doors for ministry in Hyderabad

Elizabeth, our co-worker in Pakistan, spoke at an annual Anglican women’s convention in Hyderabad late last year for 400 women. (The Bishop is a charismatic leader and fan of Derek’s books.) Elizabeth shared from the book Rediscovering God’s Church. Many responded that this was unique teaching and they were now able to understand the church more clearly.

She also gave an altar call, and about 90 women accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord! We now have an open door for ministry among the women and with the diocese of Hyderabad.

Late last year, we took part in a large youth event in Karachi and were delighted to speak and pray for the 40 young volunteers. We also gave each one a copy of You Matter to God.


Barbara Pereira

Barbara Pereira

Dear Ms. Elizabeth, Can you direct me to Mr Derick Prince ministry in Karachi. Thankyou

14 September 20199:07

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