Praise reports from DPM South-Africa

More and more people are asking for ministry on generational curses, often after watching Derek’s teaching on YouTube. The Lord God is using this teaching to bring deliverance to people, as stands out from this response received on the video:

"I watched both parts and have been waiting all day for this deliverance! Hallelujah!! I watched the first part this morning but had to go to work. I watched the last part tonight now that I'm home and PRAISE GOD! The prayer at the end was so powerful!! It took the demons right out of me!!! I broke down in tears, did a little bit of screaming, coughing, laughing, and my body is still trembling as I write this. Talk about loss of dignity! But HALLELUJAH!! Those thoughts that haunt me have gone away! The urges! They've vanished!! Almost like they can't even enter my mind any longer!! I still know what they were and what they are but they are no longer attached to me and any time it feels as though they can enter, they are removed or blocked out! I almost can't believe that this is possible but PRAISE GOD through Him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! AMEN!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! HALLELUJAH!"

When people contact us after having watched the video and requesting counseling in the area of deliverance, we refer them to Ellel Ministries, with whom we work closely. They have a training/counselling ministry close to our office.

• Pastor Stemmet has been on a six-week ministry trip to the Eastern, Southern and Western Cape regions, distributing Derek’s Afrikaans books to unreached people without spiritual resources. They are all so grateful. We sent 20 copies of Bought with Blood to 20 men who were baptized.  They said it deals with the problems they face. In Alexander Bay a group has been studying Derek’s Foundational teaching since he did a previous trip. They have been discipled by Pastor Stemmet via WhatsApp. He will be going back to give further teaching. a group of 30 coloured men are busy studying Derek’s teaching from the Bought with the Blood or “Versoening” book in Afrikaans. 20 of them were recently baptized in water. A missionary couple from Belgium are busy discipling them. They said the Bought with the Blood book answers most of the problems the men are facing.

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