Prayer Focus: CHINA

The Covid–19 virus (the Coronavirus) has impacted China in an almost unprecedented way. The BBC ran a headline, “Coronavirus: China and the virus that threatens everything”. Its impact is worldwide, but "it has shaken Chinese society and politics to the core”. Dr, Li Wenliang’s story was carried in the Western press. He was a Christian, and his life of sacrificial service that resulted in his death has impacted many.

  • Pray earnestly for China’s church and for the Lord to have His way in China—for many to turn to Him and the nation to find answers, economically and spiritually, in Him


Outreach Story

Our team is always encouraged by the impact of Derek’s teaching. One brother wrote that the book Does Your Tongue Need Healing? had changed him and his relationship with his parents and children: “I cannot help crying after reading the teaching, Does Your Tongue Need Healing? My parents were very strict when I was a kid. They always thought that the harsher the words they used to criticize the kids, the more effective the teaching would be. This is the traditional way of many Chinese parents. But it caused big problems for me. I had very low self-esteem during my school time; also I followed that same way of speaking to my wife and kids. So, a similar problem as that of my parental family began to grow in my new family. Now I know that I firstly need to repent for my own words; also I will repent for my parents and forgive their ignorance. May the Lord completely heal my tongue and let my mouth be full of praising and constructive words.”