• Pray for ongoing provision and God’s blessing upon our prison outreach through Derek’s material that is given both to chaplains for ministry and to hundreds of inmates who receive it monthly upon request


...Prison Testimony – United States...

"God bless you and your prison ministry. You are in my prayers of gratitude

every day. I had never heard of Derek Prince until I came to prison five years

ago. An inmate lent me one of his books to read, and I got hooked on his writing.

Since that first book, you have sent me ten more, free of charge, and I am forever

grateful. Recently, God blessed me with some money, and I want to share some

of that blessing with you. Please receive this gift to use as you see fit. I know

I’ll be ordering books from you in the future. Praise God for the work you

do". A brother in Christ — Gerard, Florida


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