The Belarusian website is sometimes suspended because of the political situation.

  • Pray for the website to work properly and for these problems not to recur
  • Pray we can reach more young people with Derek’s teaching using new digital/social media
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for the Belarus team and the Board members as they plan for the future
  • Pray for the right contacts to join them in the days ahead and for new doors for our outreach work



Anna is studying at the Derek Prince Online Bible School. She said her journey in the Bible school for more than two years was like exploring the unknown country of life in the Spirit. She wrote:

“It’s great that this course is available online. In any place and at any time, I can take my device and study. I repeat topics, reread my answers to questions or repeat key verses. It is a constant inspiration and support for regular study. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to discover the truth.

Many things I only knew at the level of knowledge, at the level of reason, and I had not matured to practical application and personal knowledge. Now I am learning, and my efforts are not in vain. You know, when you have tasted the good Word of God, you don’t want to lose such a treasure!”


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