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...Testimony – New Zealand...

“I used to be a yoga teacher. However, after listening to Derek’s teaching,

I was convinced to stop practising and teaching yoga and spend more

time with the Lord. My parents are living with me and I was relying on

the yoga income to help me pay the bills. Derek said if we want to live

in the blessings of God, we need to do the four “Rs”— recognize,

repent, renounce and resist. So, I repented and renounced it.

I said to the Holy Spirit I would walk in faith and trust God more

for my finances. The peace that enveloped my life after that was

so deep. However, worry crept in occasionally, so I started to

live more simply and repeated Bible verses more often. I trusted

in the Lord’s kindness and providence more. I see I earned so

much money from yoga teaching on top of my day job, but,

sadly, I never had enough. I always played catch-up with finances

and always felt tired. Now that I have let go of this income, I have

more than enough. This situation defies logic. In the past, when

I listened to New Age testimonials of people who encountered

Christ and left New Age, I laughed. Now that I've experienced it,

I want people to know Christ and have a deeper relationship

with the good God. Derek’s teaching helped me.”


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