Thank God for three new Arabic translations, Power in the Name, Living as Salt and Light and The Three Most Powerful Words.

  • Pray for successful completion of training from the book, Foundational Truths, for African believers in Egypt

A new project will produce A Word from the Word in Arabic to be used on Facebook and YouTube.

  • Pray for those involved and successful completion—37 episodes have been translated already  
  • Pray for God to open new doors in the Persian Gulf Area


Outreach Report – Egypt/Middle East

Last year, we began training groups of pastors from South Sudan, Sudan and Ethiopia, who fled to Egypt.

So far, over 300 African leaders have been trained from Derek’s book Foundational Truths.

The fifth training meeting was held in November.

God’s presence was felt, and many testified that now they better understand God’s Word so they can change their lives.