Prayer Focus: India

  • Pray for wisdom for Directors Elsie and Danny as they plan conferences for the year for pastors and other Christian leaders. They want to visit places in India where they have never been, so pray for open doors and God’s protection
  • Pray for pastors in these unreached areas to receive and use Derek’s resources that will be offered


Outreach Report - India

DPM India Directors, Elsie and Danny recently held a two-day conference in south India where over 500 people attended and were taught on 'The Divine Exchange' and 'Spiritual Warfare'. The majority of them were from very rural communities, not highly educated and don’t normally have access to this kind of teaching. The feedback given was: “We were able to understand everything clearly and have no doubts regarding what we have heard. We go back to our places with a new boldness in our hearts, knowing we have all we need to take the victory over our problems, Satan and his kingdom!”