Prayer Focus - India

The incumbent government was recently voted back into power, possibly through corrupt means. So, the future for ministry in India is very uncertain, as persecution against Christians is on the rise. 

  • Pray for protection and wisdom for Directors Elsie and Danny as they teach and minister in different parts of India and for the Church to press on in faith and be released from fear


Outreach Report – India

"We recently held a conference for over 100 pastors in an interior area of Tamil Nadu where we have never been before as it is considered a Hindu stronghold. The main city’s name, Thirukoilur, means “city of the divine temple.” There are huge Hindu temples with towers that are visible above the city along the bypass roads.  We taught on the Divine Exchange and many were set free.  We have been invited back to three other major towns in this area!  The thirst for sound doctrine is slowly increasing. Praise God for the impact made with teaching, and Derek’s books and SD cards."