• Pray for God’s protection, guidance and wisdom for Pastor D. and Pastor A. (in two different cities) who coordinate the two DPM translation teams
  • Also pray for their families and churches in this communist country as they seek to Reach the Unreached and Teach the Untaught.


...Testimony - Vietnam...

“I have been blessed by the many wonderful truths unveiled to me from

the book How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, showing me the many

reasons behind the setbacks and financial stagnation in my life. I was

disrespectful to my parents; dishonest at work; I cursed myself and spoke

negatively about myself. After reading this book, I decided to repent of

those things and pray the prayer at the back of the book to break the

curses over my life and believe God for a breakthrough. Thank God,

for much freedom and blessing is coming my way. Thank you,

DPM, for giving me this book.”     —Ng T. M. L., Central Vietnam


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