Plans are to continue the Mega Voice Player project with the distribution of 400 hours of Derek’s teaching to pastors, ministry leaders, Bible Colleges and training centres. 

  • Pray for those who receive this material to be equipped, encouraged and motivated to share Derek’s teaching with others
  • Pray for the successful translation of Appointment in Jerusalem into Zulu by a Christian lady from Kwa Zulu Natal who is a Senior Language Practitioner and once worked as a translator for the South African Parliament
  • Pray for successful printing of various titles this year in Afrikaans (South Africa); Xhosa and Tshwana (South Africa and Botswana); and Chichewa (Malawi)


...Outreach Reports – Southern Africa...

Pastor Stemmet continues his extended trips to unreached areas where

there is no resident pastor, where he leaves Derek’s books, CDs and DVDs.

He gets their WhatsApp number and stays in touch discipling and praying for

them. Some are so moved they cry when receiving a book. We sent two inmates

in two different prisons a selection of English books after they heard Derek on

the radio and called to request material. Through these inmates, we contact the

prison chaplains to get Derek’s teaching into the prison libraries. One prison just

ordered 12 sets of selected books!


...Testimony – South Africa...

Johan listened to Derek’s teaching on deliverance where he spoke about the

spirit of death. Johan’s father was dying, so he visited him and had some time

to pray over him and take authority over the spirit of death. The next morning,

his father was sitting in a chair asking to be shaved. He could not even move

the day before or speak because he was so weak! The following day, he

shaved himself and he lived for another three years! Johan said Derek’s

teaching saved his father from being taken prematurely and he has a great

respect and admiration for Derek’s teaching as he knows it works.


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