• Pray for sufficient funding to cover the costs of translating and printing Derek’s Bible teaching into Vietnamese
  • Pray also for widespread distribution of the material across Vietnam


...Testimony – Vietnam...

"Thank you so much, DPM. Your generosity has encourged me so much, knowing that there are people standIng with me and partnerIng with me for the cause of the Gospel. I am on fire to see more people saved and discipled, and to plant more churches. By the grace of God and your support, we have more gasoline to travel to many villages."    —Pastor “T” 


...Praise Reports – Vietnam...

Pastor “D” in Da Nang advised that 50 DPM-funded packs of humanitarian aid were distributed by pastors and evangelists, and 10 people came to salvation. What a real blessing, both physically and spiritually! Another DPM coordinator, Pastor “A”, in Ho Chi Minh City, distributed humanitarian aid packs to 150 people in the slums, concentrating on districts near her church. Many of them are originally from the provinces and are in Ho Chi Minh for work, but due to the pandemic they have lost their jobs and are unable to travel back to their hometowns.  


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