Pastor Stemmet is now ministering in the Cape and will continue into February.

  • Pray for protection over his travels and for provision, and for successful distribution of Derek’s books and DVDs to mainly black Afrikaans

We have book projects in process in Afrikaans and other African languages.

  • Pray for protection over those involved with the translation, editing and layout. Stienie is editing the book, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose. Recently, she and her son were attacked at gun point, but God was faithful to deliver them
  • Pray all will go well in uploading the thirteen African language Foundations teachings on DVD to YouTube. This will enable many more people to access Derek’s teaching in their own language
  • Pray for our promotion focused on children and youth using our Proclamation Cards produced for them and Derek’s teaching that is relevant for them


...Praise Reports – South Africa...

We were able to distribute Derek’s Afrikaans and other African language books and DVDs to over 50 small towns in the Kalahari and Cape in the past eighteen months. A retired pastor is visiting these towns with no resident pastor, ministering and distributing Bibles and Derek’s teaching. We thank the Lord for a new TV station that has requested Derek’s DVDs for broadcasting. We were able to print and reprint 80 book titles (most in English) this past year. Ina did all the preparation to get these books ready for the printers. Numerous enquiries or prayer requests have been received because of new weekly teaching on our website.


...Testimony – South Africa...

A senior lady, Helena, phoned to find out our location and was surprised to learn she lived only a few kilometres away from the office.  Recently, she visited a hospice bookshop and found Appointment in Jerusalem which she is enjoying reading. It was printed many years ago and included our phone number. She found out it was still the same! She was so excited to hear what is happening with Derek’s teaching in this region and to know how much is available. She said she can’t wait to get to our office and shop to buy more material! She shared that, some years ago, she had lung cancer and the Lord miraculously healed her. The doctors were not convinced so did more biopsies on both lungs. When discharged, she was given Derek’s book, God’s Medicine Bottle. She is still in good health today!  


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