An online course called Promised Land will be launched soon.

  • Pray for the final preparations and for the course to be a tool to align people with God’s plan for Israel
  • Pray for the development of more online courses to reach the younger generation


Testimonies UK

A prison chaplain wrote: “Often, prisoners in crisis are open to prayer, the Bible and

spiritual materials. The pandemic has meant that more are in crisis. Many are

concerned about mortality and the end of the world. Derek’s teaching helps them

find answers. It is so exciting to see their hunger for God’s Word and how they are

applying the Bible to their lives. Thank you so much for the free resources.” A

supporter wrote: "Derek has been a source of spiritual growth for me over four

years and counting. Thanks so much for the prayers and proclamations. I used

them straight away and felt immediate relief. I saved them to my hard drive for

daily use. This important legacy continues with the hard work of you all.”


...Outreach Report - UK...

...Since the start of the pandemic, one of our supporters from Northern Ireland has been

taking hundreds of boxes of free food to elderly and lonely people in her area. She also

included a copy of The Divine Exchange. Another donor is giving away copies of 

Life's Blueprint as part of his soccer school outreach programme. These are two

examples, but the list goes on and on. Thank God!


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