Huge interest was shown in Derek’s teaching and the work of DPM after a six-day Facebook campaign.

  • Pray for this interest to continue to grow and for those who reconnected with the ministry to receive more of Derek’s teachings, be blessed by them and share about DPM with their churches and friends


Testimonies - New Zealand

During the pandemic lockdown, we made available 25 free e-books and

some audio messages on our website. They were very popular here and

in 27 other countries. Our Digital Dept. Manager, James, and his wife

Maddy, went through the Derek Prince Video Bible School recently and

documented what they learned on our Facebook page

( This was very popular, bringing

many testimonies:

“I was blessed to come into contact with Derek Prince when I first gave

myself to the Lord and have loved reconnecting and being reminded of

his teachings.”

“Thank you for sharing. I haven’t watched him in a long time. I will go

back and watch again because of the way he explained God’s Word.”

One viewer shared that after listening to The Basics of Deliverance,

Part 2, she realised that her friend, who had been very ill with

chronic fatigue syndrome, was most likely living under a curse.

Her friend watched the teaching and realised she was, in fact, under

a curse. She prayed the prayer of deliverance and is now feeling like

a completely different person!


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