• Pray for protection and healing for our Afrikaans editor, Stienie, who is working on Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose

She has been having health issues while also needing to look after three grandchildren, with the youngest just six months old.

  • Pray for Ina who is also editing and preparing books for printing, both new titles and reprints.

We have 18 books in progress, and most are completed. We often face unusual opposition during this process.


...Praise Reports...

Pastor Stemmet’s seven-week outreach trip to Northern, Western and

Eastern Cape was eventful. He reached many who had not heard Derek’s

teaching and followed up on his previous visit with others. (photos available)
We have been receiving numerous calls for counselling and deliverance

after people watched Derek’s teaching on YouTube. Our small staff cannot

handle this, but we refer them to a partner ministry, whose founder knew

Derek, to get the help they need.



A 70-year-old lady in Cape Town has listened to Derek on CCFM Radio

since 2009. She is very active and reaches out to abused women, children,

gang members and seniors, organizing soup kitchens and street ministry.

We gave her a selection of Derek’s books, DVDs and CDs. She phoned to

thank us for the material, saying she was in tears after opening the box of



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