Isabel and her brother, Andrew, met with the Communications Director for the South Africa Zionist Federation in Johannesburg.

They gave him all of Derek’s teaching on Israel for teaching purposes.

He was delighted and wants to stay in touch.

  • Pray that Derek’s teaching on Israel and the Church will be encouraged and used to teach others regarding replacement theology

Pastor Stemmet made a second outreach trip to small towns in the North and Western Cape regions, where a circuit pastor visits only every two years.

He spent seven days in a township in Cape Town to encourage and distribute Derek’s Afrikaans books to pastors and other leaders.

  • Pray for them to be encouraged and share the teaching with their churches, family and friends



After the coronavirus began, as much communication as possible was done

to encourage people to access Derek’s free teaching on social media, our

website, YouTube, etc. where relevant material was made available.

The series Where to find Security was put on Impact Radio just before people

were ordered to stay home. The series prior to that was Facing the Future.

A customer recently requested Derek’s CDs on Facing the Future that he

heard on radio. He appreciated the many options available.


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