Vazgen, DPM director for this region, will be traveling to Nagorno Karabakh, a war zone.

  • Pray for him and his team to have safe and successful trips as they reach out to refugees from the recent conflict and use Derek’s teaching wherever they can



Arman is a famous young artist in Armenia who was close to death with

kidney failure  when he read The Divine Exchange. He was so touched he

accepted Christ, was baptized with the Holy Spirit at home, and now has a

small group in his studio, teaching people the subject of this book. This

message so impacted Arman that he started painting pictures on that topic

and organized an exhibition in his city. He tells everyone how Derek's

teachings changed his life and decided to send his tithes to DPM. He

supported printing 5,000 copies of The Divine Exchange booklets, which

were freely distributed in Armenia before Christmas. Arman dreams of

making Derek's teachings available to many artists and young people

in Armenia.


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