Pray for the start and success of the new online course on spiritual warfare after having been delayed for several months due to technical issues. Pray this course will help bring revival in the UK for God’s glory.


...TESTIMONY – United Kingdom: Prison ministry...

A chaplain wrote: “I would like to share a comment from one of our residents who has completed the 20-week

In-Cell Bible programme (Self-Study Bible Course), which he was determined to do before his release tomorrow.”  

“I have become religiously astute and more aware of my actions and words, as it says in the Bible that your

mouth is full of what is in your heart. It’s encouraged me to live a Christian life because as it says in the Bible,

judgment will come upon us like a thief and I want eternal life, forever being happy with no regrets.”

The chaplain added: “This blew me away today. I must add that officers have commented on his turnaround.

I thank God for your faithfulness and the materials you have blessed us with to help change the young men here.”


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