The Chinese government is increasing its clampdown on freedom of religion.

On March 1, new laws relating to placing materials on the internet come into force that will make it very difficult to put Christian material online.

  • Pray for our China media team to have the skill to work around these restrictions and for Chinese believers to be guided to find them

We have been able to add a new experienced staff member in China to our team.

She will work with different churches to make sure Derek’s materials are reaching them and to find out which particular materials they are asking for.

  • Pray for the Lord’s protection and blessing over her and her work


...PRAISE REPORT – China...

Last year, a sister in China took our Chinese online course. She now has downloaded from our website

many e-books of Derek’s teaching. She is sharing these materials with house groups and families around

her. We praise God that although the situation for believers in China is very tough at this time, there are

faithful brothers and sisters like her serving the Lord and reaching others.