• Pray for Ina and Stephanie as they work to complete the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, in Xhosa and Tshwana

Stienie is making good progress on Blessing or Curse in Afrikaans.

  • Pray that it will be in print this year

South Africa Director, Isabel, felt an urgency to get Derek’s teaching availability set up in all 13 African countries for which she is responsible.

She was able to do this before the pandemic and lockdowns occurred.

  • The urgency remains, so she asks for prayer that they will fulfil all that God has planned for them this year

Pastor Stemmet has known a fellow pastor for years who is well qualified to translate Appointment in Jerusalem into Zulu.

Pastor Stemmet will be speaking with him soon about this project.

  • Pray that it will go forward


...PRAISE REPORTS – Southern Africa...

Isabel, along with her son and his family, contracted Covid just before Christmas.  They praise the

Lord for His healing and restoration. Pastor Stemmet made another trip to towns and villages in

Kwa Zulu Natal that do not have a pastor or any Bible teaching. He took a selection of Zulu, Afrikaans

and English books, as well as DVDs, to distribute there. Isabel recently visited Oasis Christian Radio

that has begun to air Derek’s 12-minute broadcasts. They hope to extend their outreach capability

to reach all of the Eastern Cape with its population of 6.7million. The South Africa office has sent

books and DVDs in Afrikaans, Xhosa and English for the station to give away to listeners. In December,

the DPM office in Kenya printed 1,000 copies of What’s So Important About The Cross in Shona for



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