• Pray for the late Ricky van der Walt’s family as they process his sudden loss recently. They were concerned about the outreach work Ricky had begun with DPM and relieved to know we would keep contact with leaders and pastors he worked with
  • Pray for God’s favour and blessing upon our prison ministry. Two new prisons were supplied with Derek’s teaching and in one, where 10 inmates received it, two phoned to thank us and tell us how much it has meant to them to work through the Self-Study Bible Course and other material. Many are being impacted and are teaching other prisoners
  • Pray for an increase in sales and donations in this hard economy and for God’s grace during periodic power outages, sometimes twice daily for two hours
  • Pray for ongoing protection over our office team as the virus infection rate and deaths increase, especially those who must travel to work by public transport


...Outreach Reports...

The only son of the pastor who did the voicing for the Foundation Series in Zulu passed away recently. We sent

the father a copy of Hope Beyond Grief and other material. Many who have lost loved ones are also being

encouraged by this book. Appointment in Jerusalem was printed in Xhosa and Afrikaans. Isabel sent a

message through the DPM–Australia office, to Derek and Lydia’s daughter Tikva to tell her Lydia’s testimony

and book continue to impact many lives in southern Africa. (The man in Tikva’s church who delivered this

message to her is from South Africa and wanted to know if we have Appointment in Jerusalem in Zulu. If not,

he would like to be involved with the translation. We will seek the Lord about this potential project. The pastor

who did the voicing of the Zulu Foundation DVDS will be translating Appointment in Jerusalem into Zulu. He

is going to do an additional course at the University that will help with the translation work.


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