A new study edition of They Shall Expel Demons was published recently.

  • Pray for this teaching to be accepted and widely used in churches and by Christians in the UK

The new book, Hear God’s Voice, was recently published.

  • Pray that it will motivate Christians to aim to hear from God resulting in a strong church and revival in our land

Our new online course, “Entering into God’s Presence,” is being launched this month.

  • Pray for the students to get new insights, be motivated to seek God and share what they’ve learned with others



A lady wrote to us: “Last night I heard Derek Prince teach on endurance,

perseverance and patience, along with suffering for Christ, yet being

more than a conqueror through Him Who loved us. It was amazing and

so helpful and insightful. Thank you for allowing me access to these

teachings. I share these things with others who tend to pay more

attention to how they feel than to what the Word of God says.

Scripture and God’s Holy Spirit have the last word through Jesus

Christ our LORD.”


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