• Pray for God’s anointing upon the translators who are working on 50 of Derek’s radio programmes in Hindi and Tamil, ready for voicing later this year

The situation in India is slowly deteriorating, and it is becoming harder for ministries to preach the Gospel due to anti-conversion laws in a number of states. Indigenous missionaries will, therefore, need to take the Word to their own people. As a result, Directors Elsie and Danny have planned a short-term training session at their base in Tamil Nadu for leaders from north India.

  • Pray for a good response and attendees to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to increase evangelism in their home states



Many doors have opened after a difficult year, and we see a new thirst among

the believers. We held a meeting with over 200 attendees, 70 percent of them

non-Christians. Many want our mailings and will get the quarterly Teaching

Letter. We also held a pastors’ conference in Chenna and had 185 paid

registrations. This is a great breakthrough here where pastors are only interested

in free conferences. They were very happy to receive the gift pack of Derek’s

books and an SD card containing his teaching, and they went home rejoicing.

A ministry here distributes Bibles in many African languages across Africa.

They have included Derek’s Why Israel? booklet and now want his Teaching

Letters as well. Pray for them in this endeavour. We hope to have online Bible

courses on our website this year. Pray for this project.


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