A network of 120 pastors in Andhra Pradesh State have each been sent three of Derek’s books—including one on prayer and one on spiritual warfare.

  • Pray that the books are well received and that the pastors will use them to teach and train their own congregations


...Testimony - India...

Brother S. J. Berchmann is a famous Tamil gospel songwriter, singer and preacher who also leads a network of churches. Some years ago, he requested Derek’s book, The Power of Proclamation, in Tamil. Last month, India Directors, Elsie and Danny, met him and made an amazing discovery. Elsie shares:

“I was telling him about the ministry we are doing through church and DPM, and it suddenly occurred to me that it would be good if he could write a song based on Derek’s proclamation about the Power of the Blood, and sing it. When I suggested it to him, he told me something that shocked me – he has written and published several hundred songs, based on every proclamation in the book! To think that people have been singing these songs in Tamil churches throughout Tamil Nadu and the world was amazing. It made me think that this is one more of the ways that God’s promise to Derek about ‘the mighty ocean’ is being fulfilled!”


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