• Pray for Pastor Stemmet as he travels through the Cape to small towns encouraging those who do not see a pastor for years, sharing the gospel and Derek’s material


...PRAISE REPORTS - South Africa...

More and more people are asking for ministry on generational curses,

often after watching Derek’s teaching on YouTube. We refer them to Ellel

Ministries, with whom we work closely. They have a training/counselling

ministry close to our office. Pastor Stemmet has been on a six-week ministry

trip to the Eastern, Southern and Western Cape regions, distributing Derek’s

Afrikaans books to unreached people without spiritual resources. They are

all so grateful. We sent 20 copies of Bought with Blood to 20 men who were

baptized. They said it deals with the problems they face. We continue to

receive good response from radio stations Impact Radio Pretoria and CCFM

Radio in Cape Town with requests for Derek’s teaching.


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