This month, the online course “Learn to Pray” is being repeated.

  • Pray that many people will experience a hunger for prayer and be encouraged

The Dutch translation of the audio teaching Seven Steps to Revival is in progress.

  • Pray that believers across Netherlands and Belgium will make a fresh commitment to the Lord


Praise Report- Netherlands

In his book, I Forgive You, Derek Prince writes: “Consider some of the consequences that flow from forgiveness: reconciliation, peace, harmony, understanding, fellowship, physical and emotional healing. How badly our world today stands in need of these things! Not only does each of us need to forgive, everyone needs forgiveness, too.”

Last September, a Teaching Letter on “Forgiveness” was sent out along with the offer of the booklet, I Forgive You, at a big discount. The 200 copies in stock sold out very quickly, showing the need for clear teaching on this topic and practical guidance! We thank God for the impact this teaching will have.