It is urgent to pray for the Chinese Church and Chinese Christians. Trade talks with America, the Covid-19 crisis’ economic hit on China, and the fallout in international relationships with some nations over the pandemic’s source, is causing the government to adopt even stronger control tactics. The result is great pressure for all elements of Chinese society to align with Marxist teaching. This testimony should move us to pray: 

“Thank the Lord for these messages from Derek Prince. They are very helpful during such dark times. Many believers have lost their jobs and faith because of the coronavirus. I have shared Derek’s materials among the believers in my church and got very positive feedback. They all said they got comfort and encouragement. They want to hear more of this kind of Bible teaching.”


Testimony – China

This response from a brother in Wuhan, the source of Covid-19, shows us how the Lord is

using Derek's Chinese materials in many lives. Praise Him for that! 

"Because of coronavirus, our Sunday services stopped. Although I got messages and

Bible verses from my friends, I still felt very weak spiritually. This changed after I found

some articles by Derek Prince on WeChat. I felt really encouraged by such powerful

teaching. I trust God more now. I know He reigns and protects everyone who dwells in

the shelter of the Most High.”


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