• Pray for God’s protection over Director Huy and those in partner ministry, One-2-One, as they continue to serve their community through feeding and medical programmes, along with outreaches
  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing for the two DPM translators as they continue translating Derek’s Bible teaching into the Khmer language

The number of people visiting the DPM–Cambodia Facebook page ( has been increasing.

  • Pray that this trend continues and also for many people to visit the website ( and be encouraged and inspired by all the free material available

...Testimony - Cambodia...

“During the Covid-19 outbreak in Cambodia, I faced a lot of financial problems as my area was under lockdown and I spent all the money I saved. I was so excited when I heard that God would bless us through Derek Prince Ministries. Your support is a great blessing to us. I thank you for this great blessing to other pastors and me; this is a miracle, and this is the reply of God to my prayers. I thank you for the words of God in the DPM books you gave me. I like the book God’s Medicine Bottle and the book How to Pass from Curse to Blessing; it touches my heart. Thank you for feeding me with the living words of God.”
Pastor Chheng Nan, Taches Hope Church