Several hundred of Derek’s Vietnamese books were sent to a network of

churches and a Bible School in Hai Phong and to another church in Ha Noi. 

  • Pray that this material will be wisely distributed and become well-used discipleship tools


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The situation here is very difficult, but we continue to translate and distribute

Derek’s books and also recently held two outreaches and two seminars. God

especially touched two men in one of the classes who came from a mountain

tribe. After returning home, they planted three churches! Although the churches

here face oppression, they continue in their faith, and many are using

The Self-Study Bible Course to disciple believers.  
We have received about 30 different comments after seminar attendees read

Derek’s books. For many of them, this was the first time they read Derek’s

teaching. His book How to Pass from Curse to Blessing was an amazing

book for them and many said they were so blessed to recognize why things

had happened in their life and how to be set free.


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