• Praise God for the completion of the dubbing of 12 episodes from The Roman Pilgrimage.

These have now been uploaded to YouTube.

  • Pray for this teaching to help meet the spiritual needs of many people
  • Also pray for the dubbing of the remaining eight episodes
  • Pray for God’s protection over the people of Egypt as the country is experiencing a fourth wave of Coronavirus with the numbers of infections increasing again


...Outreach Report – Egypt...

We praise God for the translation and dubbing of 57 English episodes of Derek’s sermons into the Kabyle Language,

which have been posted on a Kabyle YouTube site. This is a Berber language spoken by around five to seven million

people worldwide, the majority in Algeria. The translation and audio recording of the book You Matter to God is now



Our team recently received a powerful testimony from Algeria on our Arabic Facebook page.

Imane is 42 years old. She was a fanatical Muslim until she had a problem with her heart and doctors told her that

she would pass away in 10 days. She was devastated when she heard about her fatal condition. In those 10 days,

Jesus appeared to her in a dream, not just once but three times. However, she ignored it and read the Quran.

At some point, someone told her husband that Jesus did a miracle for his daughter and that he too should go to a

church and pray for his wife. Her husband asked his friend to give him a Bible. Imane agreed to go to the church with

her husband but she also made it very clear to him that she would not change her beliefs. However, Imane started

watching Christian channels and, after a lot of inner conflicts, she finally believed and accepted Jesus into her life.

She also started to tell her friends about Jesus. Her testimony was the reason that three of her friends have now

joined us in our online discipleship groups.


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