Hope Ramaphosa began and directs Seed of Hope Ministry and is a dedicated educator in the Venda and Limpopo Provinces. She has used Derek’s teaching for years among both teachers and students and remains committed to teach God’s Word, especially using Derek’s Self-Study Bible Course and the Laying the Foundation series.

Hope has about 80 Bible students right now from both provinces, and more people are waiting to do the courses.

  • Pray for the Lord’s strength and anointing upon her as she teaches, including more online teaching due to the pandemic
  • Pray for wisdom for Hope when she is ready to begin the Venda translation of the Self-Study Bible Course

Dr. Gavi Sacks is the Communications director for the South Africa Zionist Federation. His colleague is working on an online Zoom event with Isabel’s brother (a board member) taking part. Questions about Replacement Theology will be answered and Derek’s biblical insight and teaching on this topic will be shared. Dr. Gavi will then circulate the Zoom discussion to 160,000 Jewish people and Christian on his contact list.

  • Pray that all who take part in the live event and those who view it later will see God’s perspective on Israel and have a change in their mindset; and pray that Jewish people who see it will experience the Father’s love and healing

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