Tagalog-language sub-titles are being placed onto Derek’s English videos.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing on all involved in this process; that it will go smoothly and that this resource will be a great blessing to many in the Philippines


Outreach Report - Philippines

Derek’s teaching is become more well-known here. The Foundation Series is being used to disciple new believers by a Filipino church movement taking place in at least nine nations.

Testimony: “I love God’s Word and I consider it as food, nourishing the soul. Every time I hear teaching and preaching of the Word, there’s a certain hunger in me that cannot be satisfied - until I heard Derek Prince’s teaching. I praise God for giving this man the knowledge and the voice [to send] forth God’s message so clearly and straightforward. Derek’s teaching filled every void of my spirituality, satisfied my hunger and quenched the thirst of wanting to know God in a more personal way. I’m thankful God made Derek Prince. Listening to God’s message through DPM is a feast to my soul.”