There is much pressure on young people in China to keep them from turning to Jesus. However, our Proclamation Cards for children are in demand. A sister in Hunan Province who teaches Sunday school found them online and wanted 50 sets. Pray for these cards to flood China and reach many children, sowing seeds of the Father’s love and drawing them to know and follow Him.


...Praise Report – China...                                                        

A long-time co-worker shared about a sister who received Derek’s

teaching more than ten years ago. She was a student at university in

Beijing and received several boxes of Derek’s books that our co-worker

sent to her when she returned home. The books benefited her and her

small group greatly. Recently, she found our Chinese website and

downloaded other books. She was thrilled to reconnect with our co-worker

on WeChat after many years and asked for more material.

We are so grateful for the China team that God has raised up for this

time. Although there have been shutdowns by the authorities, the IT

workers have managed to keep Derek’s teachings available online by

using substitute servers so that people in China can still access them.

Our contacts in China are also eager to be involved to help provide

Derek’s teaching resources despite the pressure. Some local

churches are expressing their gratitude by giving to the ministry.  


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