Several titles are being translated into Khmer, including Applying the Blood.

  • Pray for God’s protection, wisdom and anointing for Director Huy and the two translators


...Outreach Report – Cambodia...

Recently the DPM-Cambodia team organised Covid-19 relief work in

Kampong Chhnang Province and Kampong Cham Province, with 60 and

100 pastors respectively. They delivered food supplies to support their

families and DPM materials for churches to give out to their communities

to help keep their congregations close to our Lord and enable them to

proclaim His Word. They had a great time of fellowship, encouraging and

praying for each other.


“My name is Pastor Theara. I would like to express my deep gratitude

to DPM–Cambodia, which is providing food to those of us in need. I

have five children in my family and, during the pandemic, we have

had no support or income. We have been shown great love by the

Lord providing us with food in this difficult time. May the Lord bless


“I am Pastor Youn Meak from Tlork Rolaeng Hope church and I am

also a farmer. In 2010, God moved in my heart to start worship at

my home. We got a lot of persecution from the village chief and

people around us, including my relatives. They rejected my family

and my children at school. Someone destroyed my rice fields and

crops because they hated my family who believe in Jesus. My

family has kept trusting the Lord and, after a few years, my brother

and his family accepted Jesus, and more people opened their

hearts to the Gospel. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have

had challenges with finances. Some of the factories closed down,

so my church members lost their jobs. We are not allowed to gather

to worship the Lord together anymore. Thank you for providing us

with food. Thank you for feeding us, not just physically, but also

spiritually. I love the book God’s Medicine Bottle. I believe that

God is working miraculously in my family.”        


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