Pastor Raj in Western Australia wrote this letter featured below.

  • Pray that this begins a good partnership with the Indigenous community in this region

It will be my honour to partner with Derek Prince Ministries. I have gone through

your books and believe these books would be good for the indigenous ministers,

elders and other people whom I know doing outreach in Aboriginal communities

in the Kimberly region, as well as our ministry. I believe to start with the

Proclamation Cards would be great for people who give their lives to the

Lord for the first time. Once they respond, we can give the rest of the

books and lead them in other areas. These would be a great tool.


...Testimony – Australia...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate DPM. The teachings are a real blessing. We

extensively use Derek’s teachings (books, DVDs, YouTube teaching) at the

Restoration Centre, a 12-month rehab based on Christian teaching. Pastor

Warren loves Derek Prince material and I also love the teachings - so clear,

concise, biblical, and spirit-filled. God Bless you.                        

— Mark, Restoration Centre, Richmond, New South Wales


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