Our nation was shocked at the onslaught of violence we witnessed not long ago and have stood together against it as Christians of all backgrounds joined together in prayer.

  • Pray that the Lord will turn what was meant for evil into good and usher in revival!
  • Pray for the Lord to continue to use our small team to help bring many Africans across the continent to know and follow Him

Derek’s teaching is needed now more than ever, and people who call us are so excited to get it.


...Outreach Reports – South Africa...

We thank God for the amazing reach of Derek’s videos on our YouTube

channel. This time last year, we were streaming 5,882 hours per month

(16,451 views) of Derek’s English messages into South Africa. This year,

we are streaming over 30,000 hours per month (136,589 views)! This is

an increase of over 500 percent! Many hours of work have been done to

optimise our YouTube channel that is now bearing good fruit worldwide. 

Work also continues on uploading all 13 African language Foundations

DVDs and CDs. Derek’s radio programmes were sent to a pastor who

is very involved with broadcasting in Kwa Zulu Natal (a hotspot of the

recent violence). We also sent the Zulu Self-Study Bible Course and

Foundations DVDs. We are also getting requests for more teaching

as a result of our radio broadcasts on stations in Pretoria and Cape

Town. Simon and Alison Baty are donors in South Africa who manage

a grape and citrus farm and employ migrant workers and also

staff/families who live on the farm. They share Derek’s teaching with

them and recently were sent 40 copies of Afrikaans material, including

the Self-Study Bible Course, Appointment in

Jerusalem and Foundations teaching, along with Foundations DVDs in

English, South Sotho, and Tshwana.Pastor Stemmet had a successful

two-month trip around the Cape. He met many Afrikaans people and

gave them Derek’s material. He also met with S.A. Police College

students. A group of 30 men were baptised and now have a Bible

study using Derek’s book, Bought with Blood.


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