Prayer Focus: SYRIA

  • Pray for church leaders—pastors, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, etc—to have God’s wisdom and vision in meeting not just physical needs but also spiritual needs through God’s Word and Derek’s material
  • Pray for the team to be encouraged and to remain faithful to the Lord and what they have been called to do in this nation that has undergone such strife and suffering


Outreach Story- Syria

We praise God for the tremendous rains this winter that give us wheat for bread, called “life” in some Arabic countries. Bread is real life to us, as many young children take only bread to school for lunch.The war is not as terrible as it was! Less than two years ago, there were 40 battlefronts inside Syria. Today, there are two major ones and a few smaller ones. So, there have been some very successful peace-making missions, Halleluiah! We have good opportunities to share God’s Word across Syria where the Church still remains. Many people and church leaders have left the country, but others have been trained and assumed leadership.