Prayer Focus: UKRAINE

Pray for the reprinting of Derek's book, Blessing or Curse - You Can Choose!

The first edition of 5,000 copies that we printed some years ago is almost gone.


Outreach Stories- Ukraine

We work with rehabilitation centres for drug addicts and alcoholics and receive positive feedback on Derek’s material that we supply. These testimonies came from one centre:

For more than 10 years, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol until Jesus found me. Derek Prince's booklet, God's Remedy for Rejection, helped me grow spiritually and shed light on many aspects of my life! Thank you for providing free literature and for helping needy people - Dmitry

Before meeting Jesus, I used alcohol and drugs for eight years. I have been in freedom and fellowship with the Lord for five years. My life has changed a lot and I thank Him for it! Derek's Book, Chords from David’s Harp, helped me get closer to God, to become a true worshiper of the Lord! I found many promises for myself and my family, and I realized you need to have a trusting, friendly, respectful relationship with the Lord. I express gratitude for the ministry of Derek Prince, his accessible and simple presentation of Scripture, and free literature for changing lives! - Galina

My son was once addicted to drugs and it was a great test in my life. But thanks to this situation, Jesus found me, and my life completely changed, I love reading the Bible and praying, thanks to the ministry of Derek Prince and providing free literature, which allows me to grow spiritually and strengthens me in faith! - Victoria