• Pray for the prisoners who receive a free item monthly to grow stronger in their faith and for those who are released to be victorious as they adjust to life outside prison


Prison Testimony

“Thank you for your last booklet. The information gleaned has been precious and timely. I am with a group of men on Texas’ only men’s Death Row Unit. We have been led to start an intercessory prayer class. These are men who are truly hungry for deeper spiritual truth and a deeper walk with the Lord. We have been praying for revival for this unit. We feel the Lord leading to get men ready for an outpouring of the Holy Ghost. Thank you for the books you’ve provided over the last few months. They were tools used by the Holy Spirit to get me to where I am today. If there is anything you feel we could use to help us in this journey, all would be thoroughly used and greatly appreciated. The hearts and lives you have touched will only fully be realized on the other side.

—Scott M., Texas, USA