Prayer Focus: ZAMBIA

  • Pray for protection and strength for Ricky van der Walt when he travels again to the very north of Zambia to reach the Angolans, as well as to Congo
  • Pray for the effective distribution of Derek’s books, DVDs and other material in this region as well as for the funds Ricky needs for this ministry trip when he will also evangelize using the Jesus film


Outreach Report - South Africa

Pastor David Mehari is an Eritrean pastor who has a church in Pretoria. He travels and teaches in other African countries to reach the Amharic and Eritrean communities. Some years ago, he translated Derek Prince's book Foundations for Christian Living into Eritrean. This was then stolen with all his luggage, while travelling between Sudan and Zimbabwe. The book has since been translated again and Pastor David has offered to assist with the proof reading. He is teaching from this book on Facebook, reaching the Tigrina-speaking believers, and giving them the opportunity to respond straight away during the teaching. The copy of the book he is teaching from was given to him while still in Eritrea by a group of believers who were sharing the book to study it. His teaching is halfway through the book now, with hundreds of views and positive responses such as: "Pastor Dave, you need to continue such foundational teaching!"

Ephesians 2:10 says: “For we are His [God’s] workmanship.” The Greek word for “workmanship” refers to a masterpiece. It blesses me to think that when God wanted to demonstrate to the entire universe what kind of masterpiece He could make, He went to the scrap heap for His materials. It was as if He were saying: “Do you see what I can do with lives that are broken, stained, and out of harmony? Out of those lives I can make what will be my signature piece throughout eternity.” - Derek Prince, Anticipating Jesus’ Return