Radio Sama is broadcasting Derek's teaching to equip Egyptian believers

In May the DPM–Egypt team has participated in an important event: a Consultation for Christian Arab Radio in the Middle East, held in Istanbul, Turkey. Radio stations reach many people, even in remote areas and people who have difficulties with reading. That's why it was such a blessing to present Derek’s Arabic programs and to make them available to radio stations. 

We thank God that Radio Sama already started broadcasting Derek’s program. You can listen at or share this link with Arabic friends. 

At a conference in Malta early this year, we met key people from different ministries and countries. One of the results is we now have an opportunity to print and distribute Derek’s teaching in Algeria, making it possible to strenghten the small but devoted Church in this islamic country.

eil Cornick, DPM UK/Egypt


Samwel Nganga

Samwel Nganga

I would like to get training materials from Derek Prince ministries

13 June 201621:17

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