Reaching the unreached in African villages

The mission of DPM is to ‘reach the unreached and teach the untaught’. In many places, this literally means to travel to remote areas and take the good news about Jesus Christ to people that have no church, no local pastor, no Bibles or Christian literature available to them.

That is why we are so grateful to work together with missionaries like Pastor Stemmet in South Africa. Despite restrictions due to Covid-19, Pastor Stemmet has been able to reach over 50 towns across all of Cape Province in the past 18 months. He ministered to people who do not have a local pastor and gave them Derek’s teaching in Afrikaans and Bibles. Follow-up is being done via WhatsApp and repeats visits.

On his trip, Pastor Stemmet took Bernard with him,  a young man in his early 20’s. Bernard shared his testimony and ministered the Word to the people they met. 

Having returned from his outreach with Pastor Stemmet, Bernard went up to Mozambique on his own, traveling on his off-road bike as in most parts there are no roads.

Bernard is waiting to go and work among the Tonga people for a 3 year period to start with. Currently, we are translating 3 books in Tonga, which will be helpful resources for Bernard to take with him.

Thank you for keeping Pastor Stemmet and Bernard in your prayers, and for your donations to ‘reach the unreached'.  

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