Report from India: five conferences in ten days to bring spiritual freedom and encouragement to Indian pastors

This is such an encouraging report from Elsie and Dani, our DPM Outreach workers in India. They wrote saying:

In January, we spent 10 days in five cities in southern India, holding five conferences for over 450 Christian leaders from different denominations.

And, many who came to these events loved Derek's teaching on The Divine Exchange, Spiritual Warfare and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. Many of them said this was very timely and just what they needed to grow stronger in their faith.

Bishop Jackson from Bangalore, said, “I have been in ministry for 50 years and know the good [teaching] from the bad, and this is good! We really need this teaching!”

Another pastor was set free from a spirit of the fear of death. Others also received healing and deliverance.

We led many in mighty spiritual warfare over their state, and believe the principalities and powers of darkness were shaken that day.

Because of the generosity of friends like you Elsie and Dani gave away several books and Teaching letters, blessing and encouraging many Indian pastors who are working in tough situations and can't afford to buy ministry resources.

(Photo: Elsie, the Director of DPM India Outreach teaching pastors in India)

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